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If you are a student, I would encourage you to read this small guide to e-mail communication before contacting me. It can change based on circumstances, but my general policy is the following:

  • I do not e-mail or read e-mails during the week-end.
  • I do not e-mail or read e-mails before 9 AM and after 6 PM.
  • I typically check my e-mails at regular, pre-planned intervals.
  • E-mails are very easy to lose when I receive hundreds of them, so do not take it personally if it looks like I forgot to answer yours.

Mailing Address

School of Computer Science, NG8 1BB


United Kingdom


  1. Twitter: @jeremieclos
  2. LinkedIn: @jeremieclos
  3. Reddit: /u/jeremieclos (I mostly lurk)
  4. WeChat handle: @j-clos